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n on the s〓upply of U.S.●-made chips to■ Huawei is a l◆ose-lose in any s〓ense, as it pose○s a threat to Hu●awei's viabili●ty and U.S. c●ompanies also pay th〓e price.Out of th○e total of 7〓0 billion U.〓S. dollars■ Huawei spen〓t on buying ●components in 2018, ■some 11 billion d◆ollars went to ◆U.S. compan〓ies, the Reuters○ reported Fr〓iday."The ban will● financially〓 harm the t●housands of Ameri●cans employ

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i," s〓aid Catherin■e Chen, a Director o○f the Board at Huawe●i, in a The New York● Times artic◆le on Friday.● "A total ban on ■Huawei equipm○ent could elimin■ate tens of th○ousands of Am〓erican job■s."Although Huawei■ does not do much■ business in the Un●ited States〓, the company is■ the sole provider ●of networking■ equipment● to many rural ○American internet pr●oviders, accord○ing to a CNN article○ on

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○ -- or may be○ impossible -- to〓 replace their H◆uawei technology wit〓h a rival's," ■it added.As a move ○to ease the repe〓rcussion of the ■ban, the U.S. Depa●rtment of Comm〓erce on Monda○y issued a 90-〓day temporary li●cense loosening res●trictions on busine◆ss deals with ○Huawei.Huawei doesn'■t intend to ■isolate itself 〓from others〓, but wants to make ◆as many friends as◆ possible, it■s founder Ren Zheng

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wei■ didn't use substit◆utes before the○ United Sta●tes took the l○atest aggress■ive measures."We 〓don't want to do ●harm to friends," he● said. "We want t●o help them● achieve good balanc○e sheets. E■ven if we m○ake adjustment■s, we still ○ought to render hel●p."The spirit〓 of openness is w■hat helped the Uni○ted States dev●elop. Howeve〓r, Washingt〓on's restr●ictions on Hua○wei, based on ○unfounded al○l

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e golden ●rules it o■nce embraced.■For Washingt〓on to win ■in an era of coopera●tion and inter-de●pendence, it wo◆uld be better○ to revive ◆the spirit● of openness.Pleas◆e scan the 〓QR Code to follow u○s on InstagramP〓lease scan the● QR Code to follow○ us on WechatEurope○'s scrutiny re●sults prove● Huawei "inn〓ocent": China FM sp●okespersonEurop●e's scrutiny results● prove Huawei "inno■cent": China ○FM sp

okespers○onEurope's scrutiny ■results prove Huawei○ "innocent":■ China FM spokespers●on05

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  • any's〓 powerful BDI indust●rial lobby gro■up was quoted■ by media ○reports as saying◆ in a s tatemen■t o
  • n Thurs●day.France too ref○used to take orders● from the United ○States. "Our persp●ective is not to ●bl
  • ock Huawei ◆or any compa■ny," President 〓Emmanuel Macron ●told the VivaTech● conference i■n Paris on Thu
  • ■rsday.Launching a■ tech war or■ a trade wa●r against any cou〓ntry is not a●ppropriate,■ no r is it the
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